Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Benefiber at Walgreen's this week!

If you want a free (or almost free if you don't have coupons) way to sneak more fiber into your diet, go to your local Walgreen's this week to stock up on drinkable Benefiber through Saturday!

Here's how it works:

Buy three(3) 16-count Kiwi Strawberry Benefiber drink mix ($7.99 each), find the Easy Saver coupon for $5 off in your EasySaver book (you only need one, just hand it over after all three Benefiber have scanned), then if you have them, use three $2 off manufacturer coupons. This will make your purchase $2.97 out of pocket, BUT you will receive an $8 Register Reward (good on your next purchase of anything at Walgreen's)! Just don't use it to buy more won't give you another RR.

*The best order to give the clerk your coupons so the register doesn't get all confused:) is: Register rewards (if you have them), manu coupons, then Walgreen's coupons. Remember to always have the same number of coupons as items (and the above all count towards your total!) so if you need to add a pencil or something, have that handy.*

I have done this without the manufacturer coupons (using up some RR I already had) and it worked great! Even without the manufacturer coupons this ends up being less than $1 out of pocket after Register Rewards.

I am drinking some right now and it tastes a little like Crystal Light...make sure to put it in a bottle and shake so that there aren't any unmixed bits:) This is a great way to get more fiber in your diet for free!

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