Wednesday, October 1, 2008

kmart double coupon days!

That's right, the land of no double coupons is getting a taste of double coupon madness this week at believe-it-or-not: kmart! Double any coupons up to and including $2, only one per product, use only 4 of the same coupons total and up to 75 coupons per day. I usually stay out of kmart for various reasons, but free stuff makes it worth my time this once! What deals do you see?

Check out some of the deals Common Sense with Money has compiled.

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Family Hope Ministries said...

I got quite a few deals!
Scott double roll 12 pack $5.00 on sale-$1 coupon doubled=$3.00 each
Gillette Shampoo free with $2.00 coupons
Suave deodorants were .29 with .75 coupons
Edge shave gels were .29 with $1 coupons
Colgate kids toothpaste was .49 with $1.00 coupons
Vivepro conditioner was .24 with $1 coupons
I didn't find one food item that was a good deal. I am not complaining though. Check out my the picture on my blog! I spent $29.56 and got quite a bit of stuff!