Friday, April 3, 2009

Coupon Blinkie Machines

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Recently when out shopping I have kept my eyes peeled for the "blinkie" machines in supermarkets and elsewhere. These magical machines dole out coupons for the products they are placed near and can often make for cheap or free stuff! I will sometimes pick up a couple even if there isn't a great sale on the item at that store, hoping that another store will have a great sale on that item.

Case in point: last week's Mix N Match promo at Safeway stores, where a pasta blinkie made Ronzoni pastas only $0.25 each! I have also found yogurt blinkies that when combined with markdowns made for free or almost free yogurt. Its an easy way to get into the coupon game without spending a lot of time clipping or printing if you don't have time for that!

Here's a picture of all that super cheap pasta from this past week:

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Family Hope Ministries said...

I must have missed out on the powerade deal. :) Maybe next time!