Monday, April 13, 2009

We're moving!

Because we didn't think we were busy enough with having a baby in 5-7 weeks and raising partners/support to go overseas, we thought we'd also move next month! Are we crazy? Probably:)

We're just moving a mile or so away, but the new place is almost 200 square feet smaller than our current apartment and needs to be totally renovated before we move! Plus we'll need to get rid of/sell about 1/3 of our stuff (if that gives you an idea of the size of our new place:) It's going to be a busy time and a learning experience for us.

Even so, we're excited and hoping that this new little "project" will help time fly as we wait for our baby girl to arrive! All this to say that I will continue blogging, but will be focusing my efforts on the few things that take the least time and prep: menu planning (which is something that helps my life run smoothly), my progress and to-do lists for moving and selling our extra stuff along with cleaning, pictures of our family and my shopping trips if I have time.

I was planning on doing a clean out the pantry/freezer challenge this month to have less to move, but Daniel wanted me to continue to look for "good deals" and said he would be willing to move our current pantry full of food to the new place.

He also decided/agreed to renovate the kitchen first so that I would be able continue to have a place to cook after we moved. I guess his love of home-cooked food beat out his earlier plans to renovate other areas first:) Overall, this will be a challenging time to make our home a haven, but with the Lord's help we'll see that the most important things get taken care of:)


Megan said...

Good luck with your move!

Laura Lou said...

Sounds like a chore to me, but you make it a labor or love indeed!! Cannot wait to hear more. :D

Jane said...

How exciting!! This new place must be a house? It would be so fun to have before and after pics!