Wednesday, April 29, 2009

37 Week Pregnancy Update (I'm still here!)

Pretty sure I am going to regret this, but for all of you who don't get to see me in person in all of my lovely hugeness, here are some slightly less than flattering pictures. Yep, I regret it already:)

Obviously I didn't know these lovely pictures were being taken at the time. Such a dork.

I thought something changed this weekend (besides the size of my feet...yikes!) and I was right! The midwife confirmed that baby is indeed very low, as a matter of fact she estimated 0 to +1 station. I guess that's a little bit unusual for a second baby, without going into labor. But it happens. I am hoping that means that labor is imminent:) So for my 3 male readers (one of which is my dad!) you can stop reading now--because I will be sharing TMI!

Now I know why I feel like I have a baby head in between my legs...I do! She also said I was 80% effaced but couldn't give me an estimate of dilation because of positioning. See...TMI! Heartbeat was good and baby is definitely head down. My blood pressure was also very good (108/78 I think?). So any day (including today!) would be good Baby O! See you soon!


The Keevy Family said...

How exciting! Do keep us posted!

(At this stage I always thought the head was just going to pop out on it's own! .....It's a weird feeling for sure!)

Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

Oh, but you have great style amidst these last weeks of pregnancy! Hang in there, and good luck with L&D!