Sunday, April 26, 2009

Piggy Tails and I'm exhausted

Never knew piggy tails could make one quite so happy before I was a mom. So stinkin cute!

And whew...what a weekend. We had so much wonderful help from church friends and family on our new house! The yard looks ten thousand times better and after a good pressure washing the house's outside looks almost brand new. We found out our house has a pear tree and a really old really sweet grape bush in the backyard...too fun! So, even though I locked myself out of the house, tried to starve the work crew several times (by not getting the food to them on time for various reasons) it was a really good weekend. Still tons of work to do, but we are hopeful that we can get a few important rooms "liveable" in a month or so.

I do need to make an effort and follow previous dr.'s orders though and try to get my feet up for a few hours a day. I noticed more and more swelling this weekend and was in some decent pain. I want the baby to come out, but the right way! Not out of necessity, but because she's ready!

I'll post a few pictures of our weekend and hopefully post a few pictures of the house when there's time. Hope you all had a good weekend too!


The Keevy Family said...

I am glad that you have help! I hope that the swelling goes down and that you do find some time here and there to put your feet up.
I found a blog tonight that has the early Safeway ad. I am not sure if this gets posted once a week or not, but I thought it might be helpful to you. It's at

If you are taking a break from posting the deals, that's just perfectly fine too! I am not really a Safeway gal, I don't often find good deals there. (Except for my dressing this weekend) There are some 75 cent coupons for Wishbone on their website and I printed two. I'll try them before Tuesday but my Safeway doesn't usually like my printed coupons. Anyway, I am working on the bad relationship I've had with Safeway in the past. :)


Rachael said...

I'll have to check that out-thanks Jane! I am taking a break from both Bargain meal of the Week and the Grocery Gathering indefinitely. The week before last was my last week, I don't know if they've taken my link down yet (but they both know I am taking a break:) It seemed better that blogging wasn't an obligation, but fun and as I had time for awhile. I'll check for the wishbone coupon--I didn't have any in my inserts but I can do printables! Thanks again:)