Friday, July 31, 2009

Bargain hunting or exercising? Both!

This morning I had to make a choice between going garage-saling or taking a walk to get some early exercise in. I knew I needed the exercise more-so I packed up the toddler in the Ergo and off we went (grandma was watching O). Halfway through the walk what did we see? A garage sale right on our path! I didn't find anything, but it was still fun -and I felt blessed to have done what I should but still got to do what I wanted!

I should mention that I have scored some sweet bargains in the past week-we picked up a full sized metal swingset in good condition for FREE at a sale, some perfect condition books for M for $0.25 and I got 2 full outfits and a pair of shoes from old navy for $20 total (which I needed fairly badly since my old size doesn't fit yet!)

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