Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Starbucks Ice Cream at Safeway! (and why I am not eating it:)

Safeway has individual servings of Starbucks icecream for $1 right now and if you buy two and use the recent $2 off starbucks icecream coupon it works to get you free icecream! I thought that was pretty sweet.

But! Sadly I have stopped losing pregnancy weight (for the last oh...4 weeks;) so no starbuck's icecream goodness for me. But I have an active hubby with an amazing metabolism, so he enjoyed two starbuck's cups for me tonight:)

Which brings me to what I have decided to do for that dreaded weight loss. I am going to ease back into the Core plan from Weight watchers. I followed it about half the day today, but am going to ease my dinners into it slowly so I don't spend a bunch of money right away. I love the variety and the fact that you don't count points or calories or anything-just eat until you are comfortable and satisfied.

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