Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Two cute girls and one 52 pound cat.

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The Keevy Family said...


Very cute pictures of the girls! It sounds like you are back home now?

I have to say, the "52 pound cat" had me laughing out loud!! My husband has a cat that literally looks identical to this one pictured. I hate the cat....:) Really, I try to be nice about this 4 legged creature, but I really don't like cats. I love telling people that "ya, my husband is a cat lover!" And I think that should embarrass him, but it doesn't. :) Funny thing is, we often have this conversation about whether the cat is fat or not. I think he is. So, this made me wonder, is his cat 52 pounds?!? I weighed him just now and he is 14 pounds. So what is up with this cat??

And just for the record, I am sure you have a lovely cat. :)

Whew....that was long...sorry!