Friday, May 21, 2010

Box party!

I just got the line stuck in my head "party people...whoomp there it is!"

Yes, that's embarassing, I know. But that's the kind of enlightening, spiritually enriching music I liked to listen to as a teen. Don't be jealous of my coolness.

I digress..

Here are some pictures of the fun times the girlies have been having. Between good ole boxes and this supa cool tent game thingy Daniel's parents brought out for us (that I forgot we had until now!) the girls have been having one ongoing party!

The funny part is watching Liv try to get the balls that are on the other side of the mesh wall. It keeps her busy for a LONG time.

Cheap thrills, baby:)

Problems arise when they want to be in the SAME box. They are smiling now but 2 minutes later...not so much.

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