Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tools of Bible Translation

JAARS Day... an event that takes place at JAARS about five times a year. We open the hanger and campus up to anyone interested in learning more about the work JAARS does around the world. A typical JAARS day involves a tour, flight demonstration (were the slow flight characteristics of the Helio Courier are demonstrated), and rides in a helicopter or airplane. Daddy thought this would be a great time to introduce Marianna to flying and work daddy does. Many thanks to Rachael's parents who helped make this possible.

Daddy and Marianna preparing to board the helicopter

Experiencing the joy of flying

Flying over the JAARS runway

The JAARS campus

Our apartment...the one across from the playground

...if you have been following the previous post...we finally finished the inspection on the Helio Courier and performed a test flight to 10,000ft. The cool air at that elevation was nice (about 33 degrees F)

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