Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles #2 5/23/10


A little regular shopping (eggs, fruit, veggies, milk, icecream for Liv's party) plus some super doubles bargains.
2 Tornados (frozen roll things...haven't tried yet)
6 Vitamin Waters
Van Camp Pork N Beans
Ideal Sweetener
2 Yakisoba meals
Butterfinger (free after mailed coupon)

Tony's pizza ($0.17/ea)
Yoplait Yogurt
Fiber One Yogurt (both yogurt were less than $0.30)
Feta Cheese
Vanilla Almond Milk (we use for creamer and in the girls cereal sometimes) $0.49/ea
Chocolate Soy Milk...mochas..yum
Spot Shot (for a little toddler accident on the bed!)
Kashi Puffs $0.49


Wendy Liddell said...

you do an amazing job shopping. have you gone dairy free?

Rachael said...

Thanks Wendy:) No, we aren't but we don't drink a lot of milk right now. The soy and almond milk were great deals with coupons though...and if I had the choice (same price) I would buy those instead most of the time.