Monday, May 3, 2010

Loves me some NC grocery bargains 5/3/10

This week (and last) was Harris Teeter's triples event! The coupons from this time and last had a lot of overlap unfortunately. After scouring my coupons I managed to find some good ones I had a bunch of No Yolks, Nescafe, and Mahatma Rice coupons (that would be freebies again) from my ebay order a while back.

Here's my first transaction. The greatest thing was the palmolive...I was going to have to buy that anyway being almost out! So the recent coupons made this free!

Other great deals:
Steamers (almost free veggies, yeah!)
Ortega taco seasoning/chilis (use a ton of these)
Folgers ($1.40 ish)
Hamburger Helper ($0.24/box) we don't eat these often, but they're nice to have on hand
Betty Crocker mashed potatoes (free)

Total $2.85!


Total $2.xx (but used $3 in RR and ended up with $11!) This was a fun trip. The Schick deal was working, so each razor pack made me about $2! The stayfree was a $1 moneymaker with the coupon I had. I needed the razors (and have been using a pretty dull one for a couple weeks looking for a good deal!) pretty badly so this was GREAT. The prunes are for my little potty-trainer but we all like them and they were a filler:)

Harris Teeter Triples #2

Total about $30 but I will receive $10 back for the meat rebate I found in the store! So for budgeting it counts as $20:) This was the bulk of what I really needed this week. I got:
6 lb pork roast
2 lbs ground grass fed chicken (marked down)
organic lettuce (marked down to $0.50)
5lbs potatoes (also marked $1)
5lbs apples $4.99...yikes!
HT apple juice $1.25 (again for my little potty-trainer)
2 huge cans Hunt's diced toms $0.99 evic special
2 ziplock sliders $0.40/each after coupons
2 light chocolate Silk Soymilks (for my iced mochas:) $0.75/ea
2 greek yogurts $0.29 for both
Puff's $0.25 a/c
Viva $0.60 a/c
Dixie Brown Sugar about $1 a/c (needed..not an amazing deal)
Farm Rick Mozz Sticks ? but super cheap and these look yummy!
Steamers (broccoli) $0.09
KC Masterpiece BBQ (free after evic and coupon)
2 No yolks $0.04/ea
6 Mahatma Rice packs free
3 Nescafe stick packs free
Scott's wipes are going back to the store because they were WAY more than I thought. I thought she took them off my order but only took one off! So that $4 wasn't counted in my total.

Harris Teeter #3

This is the last of it...I had to go get the eggs I forgot anyway, so we made a triples trip of it. Total $7.54.
free bread, Mentos, rice & instant coffee
As I was making my list for the last of the triples deals I realized I would be running out of cooking oil, butter/margarine, tissues (all the girls are sick!) and yogurt soon. Although not free they were good enough deals with the triples coupons that I picked them up too.

Total (with rebate factored in): about $33! That's definitely below budget, so I am hoping to pick up extra produce next week since we are trying to incorporate more into our family's diet.

What deals did you snag this week?

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