Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Liv's 1st birthday bash

In no particular order, here is a recap of Liv's first bday bash.

Two of our distinguished party guests, Mrs. W and her lovely baby, A

The dinner: taco bar w/ rice on the side

The adorable Auntie Karol, also celebrating her birthday!

Big sis and G, eating and socializing

Vanilla cupcakes w/chocolate frosting were enjoyed by all

Birthday girl and Mommy

Nom nom nom nom....

Daniel getting into the birthday groove

Livvie going in for a birthday hug and snuggle with J

The cute birthday girl enjoying her first ever cupcake (yes, she enjoyed it!)


Auntie Gin said...

Yeah for May birthdays! Looks like you all had a lovely time. What's better than cupcakes and ice cream and party hats? Give the birthday girl hugs from her aunties and cousins. See you in June!

Rachael said...

Thanks! We'll pass on the hugs:) Looking forward to seeing you in June too!