Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Green Smoothies: Day 3

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to try out the world of green smoothies for various reasons. I originally read about them here and to be honest was turned off by the idea. For some reason, I came around to the idea, quite possibly because it seemed that everywhere I looked, everything I read was talking about healthier living with a heavy dose of healthier eating. Although my husband and I are fairly healthy "eaters" by our own estimation anyway:) I needed to take it a little further for various reasons.

What I needed a was place to start. A frugal and quick place to start. So this week I am having one green smoothie a day, and so far it has gone well! Yesterday's smoothie was frozen banana, spinach, water and a touch of cocoa powder. I was hoping the cocoa powder would make it more like a "dessert" green smoothie and might make the color a little less disturbing, but only the former was true. The taste wasn't exactly "yummy" but it wasn't something I needed to hold my nose to drink;) I have noticed that it does help with appetite and cravings overall. I also was able to again get in all the recommended servings of fruits/veggies and then some with no trouble. Still too soon to get the complete verdict. Like I mentioned yesterday, I will talk more about health/diet/weight loss (with a decided frugality bent!) as it applies to my family and I on Friday. But so far, green smoothies work for my health and my budget!

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