Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walgreen's loot and the cranky manager

All this pictured above was less than $10 out of pocket (I used coupons on the Suave, several on the gum, for the Folgers, the jane and a free coupon for the deoderant)!

The Suave deal last week was SO sweet. I did it several times, but the last time I tried to "roll" the register rewards at my parent's Walgreen's in Eastern WA, it didn't work. Not only that but I didn't notice that my total was below $6 and I paid with a $6 RR, so the cash register "corrected itself" as the cashier told me. I should have been paying better attention, but grandma and girlie were waiting in the car so I didn't realize what happened until later:( So yesterday I went to take back those 4 Suaves and to correct a Jane makeup error where the 2nd didn't ring at 50% off, but the manager was so cranky! He told me very slowly (like I obviously would have difficulties understanding;) that coupons were NOT cash and that I had used coupons to make the makeup come out less than the price it would not work. We went back and forth for awhile and finally I decided I would just bring the makeup with me next time and if they couldn't fix it, I'd return. He also would not give me a new EasySaver catalog, like it was some top secret commodity. Trying to ruin all my fun, I tell ya! But you win some, you lose some in the coupon game I guess, and as long as I am doing what is right and legal, I will persist in politely getting some great deals! I can't wait to see what others did, I know there were some other super deals at Walgreen's with the overlapping EasySaver period today.

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