Friday, January 9, 2009

Earthy Crunchy (sorta) again

Me and girlie numero uno in my supa-cool new Ergo

With some Christmas money and some money my sweet in-laws sent a looooong time ago, I invested in something I've wanted for an even loooonger time. The Ergo Baby Carrier. Its already been a lifesaver this past week when M has been super cranky and I had to get something done instead of holding her in my arms. I have had a hard time getting her on my back on my own, but its doable. I think I need to watch the video again to make sure I am doing it correctly. I can't wait to try it out with our new little girl!

Another crunchy-ish thing I did was use money from an old piggy bank my dad gave us plus some of our own money (with Daniel's blessing) to buy two more Bum Genius diapers for night-time and traveling. I have now switched over to cloth diapering at night! Its worked well so far. Two wonderful friends from church, the Goodings and the Thomases have gifted us their used pre-folds (which were different kinds and both are nicer than what we had) so we are set! I am planning on using disposables with our new girl for the first month or two of life, so the money I am not spending on M's diapers is helping me to stockpile. Hopefully I will not have another C-section and will feel up to getting into cloth right away, but am not planning on it just in case. I am also building up a stockpile of mixes and and canned foods so that my first month with new baby will go smoothly no matter how much help I have.


Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

I got an ERGO recently, and love it. I haven't tried it on the back yet, but will be trying that next.

Rose said...

Hey, I just wanted to say I'll be praying for your upcoming birth. I was reading your crunchy post and totally identifying. We use cloth diapers (first batch donated to us from a family at church), I have a sling (not an ERGO though :0), and I just had our 2nd dd 5 mths ago VBAC! So I might understand a little of what you are hoping for and want to say, well, can't wait to hear!

Elizabeth said...

First of all, you'll probably laugh when you hear that my first impressions of cloth diapering were that it was a hippie thing to do! :) But now that my DS is 15 months old, I'm looking for ways to cut back on costs, and am curious how the cloth diapering is working for you. My main objection is the whole storage thing - what do you do with your used diapers till you accumulate enough to wash? Also, do you just bleach them? I've gathered that some are supposed to be bleached and some not. I guess I'd just like to find out what would I need to know about getting started and how is it working for you? Also, are you planning on using cloth on your new baby as well?

Rachael said...

Tara: I have only tried the back, not the front! We should trade notes:)

Rose: I would love to hear more about your VBAC. I will check your blog soon to see if you've written about it there, but my email is if you care to email me about it!

Elizabeth: The cloth diapering is working great for us! I have been thinking about doing a post since many of my friends are having their first babies soon and I am the only one they know who uses cloth! Briefly I use an old laundry bucket (sturdy plastic with a tight-fitting lid) from costco to store the diapers in and its not smelly except for those few moments when you open it to throw new ones in or wash them. In the winter I use bleach every time with my prefolds, but with the fancier type I don't think you are supposed to do that. I like the simpler prefolds for the very fact that they are less fussy to wash than the fancier ones. In the summer I line dry most of the diapers and the sun does most of the bleaching. Other questions, email me @