Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Granola-y Peanut Butter Trail Mix

We always have LOTS of cereal on hand, but not always lots of oats. Daniel and the girlie are big fans of snacky type stuff, like granola so I am motivated to be creative in that area. Yesterday I realized it had been awhile since I made granola and I knew our oat supply was low.

I wish I could give you a recipe, but its always experiment-central in my kitchen, so no recipe was used. But here's what I did, basically:

Replaced 2/3 of the oats with crushed Special K and Raisin Bran. Used apple juice in place of 2/3 of the sugar/honey and used peanut butter in place of most of the oil. I added flax seeds as well. Oh, and I also wanted to go for more of the clumped-together effect that specialty granolas have, so I increased the "liquids" (apple juice and peanut butter/oil melted, basically) a bit. After baking at 250 for 20 minutes and 200 for 15 more, it was good. Not overly sweet, but mildly crunchy and a healthy alternative to store-bought granola!

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Jess B said...

YUM! That sounds great! I made my own yogurt (cafejessica.blogspot.com) this weekend and I bet that would be awesome on top! Thanks!

CC said...

Yumm-o! Now I want to try making some!