Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Park with friends and Preggo update: wk 22

Here we are this weekend with our friends from church and their adorable kiddos. Marj has the most awesome whole wheat bread recipe and she grinds her own wheat! How cool is that? Anyway, here a the few pics we got---it was freezing cold outside so we didn't stay at the park for long.

My smart and lovely friend Denaye posted her 22 week pregnancy update today, and since our babies share the same due date (how fun is that!?) I thought I would share mine too. Oh but first, I broke a back tooth practically in half today. I didn't even notice until yuck...I must've swallowed it!

Okay...on to preggo update! I will take belly shots at some point, but I look quite pregnant. Christmas didn't help any, and I gained about 6 pounds more than I should have over the holidays! Its back on the health(ier) band wagon again though. I am tired all the time, but feeling good for the most part. I guess baby girl is close to one pound now. I feel kicking all the time and saw a kick on the outside this past Sunday! If it weren't for the lack of sleep thing I am dreading, I would say the baby should come right now. Oh and we still don't have a place for baby to sleep, so we should resolve that before she comes:)

That's all I can think of for now.


Heather said...

Hello I came to find your blog through 'Be Cnets able'. I too live in the NW. I saw your pics today, very cute and was owndering what side of the water you live on. I am over in Bremerton.
Hope you have a great day.
My sisters make there own bread, never did get into it, wish I could my hubby would love it.

CC said...

cute pics!!

And maybe my son can help you with that tooth problem? ;)