Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Week's Shopping trips

First, I went to Albertson's for their spend $30 on selected products, get $15 to spend on your next order deal. They also had a deal where you spend $30 on diapers and such and get $20 for your next order (in the form of a catalina coupon at checkout).

I spent over $50 this week on all these transactions so I decided this would be my shopping for two weeks, minus any freebies (or almost free) and fresh milk and produce. I did get 6 packages of Pampers for those first few months of bleary-eyed no-sleep newborn care, which is in less than 5 months!!

Lots of muffins mixes, Fiber 1 bars and other convenience items will come in handy at that time too. Low sugar yogurt and canned soup has already come in handy for quick food for my toddler. The last transaction you see which is included in the second picture has the items we need for this next few weeks. I used the final $15 catalina for those things including chicken, bell peppers, oranges, bananas, celery, onions, butter, french bread and sour cream. It was a fun couple of trips!
Transactions #1,#2, #3:

Transactions #4, #5, #6:

My trip to Walgreen's was last, with lots of freebies. The Splenda was free with internet coupons, so were the Reese's Whipps bars (thanks for the coupons, Marie!). The two Christmas candies were on 90% off and were for fillers in case I had too many coupons. The dish soap we actually needed, and was $0.54 after coupons. Oh, and if you look closely, I included one of the FAR items, Revlon blush, which was $9.99 and I put that on my rebate gift card. Total oop: $0, and I will receive over $10 on my gift card for next month!

If you want to see some of the meals I will be making this week using up these groceries, visit here.

Visit the grocery cart challenge (a fellow Pacific Northwesterner!) to see other shopping trips this week!


Anonymous said...

Great job, and what great deals at Albertson's.

Congrats on your pregnancy and great idea to start stocking up now.

D said...

Hey- Where did you find the info for the diaper deal? In my paper (should be same as yours?) the deal was buy $25, get $5... Not nearly as good as $20/30!

Rachael said...

Denaye! You need to run to Albies tonight!!! I read it on Hot Coupon world, and it should work in your area too. Its a P & G deal combined with a baby products deal. But three Jumbo packs of any pampers (for a total of $30 or more) and you'll get $15 for the P & G part and $5 for the baby care deal. It worked twice just fine for me. And you can use coupons too! Such a good deal...Do it!!!

Rhonda in OK said...

great deals!

the picture of the Splenda and pile of candy bars made me laugh out loud.

Rachael said...

Rhonda: Awesome, right? I know, pretty goofy combo.

D said...

Thanks! I did it three times :-) (greedy I know, but since it was the last day I didn't feel bad...!) It worked perfectly! That was awesome, cause I love those little swaddlers, but they aren't cheap!

Jen said...

Thanks for posting the info on this deal! I had no idea that the Pampers diapers were on sale--it wasn't in my ad or listed at the store--but it worked perfectly! I just did the 3 pks of diapers first and used those catalinas for my next transaction! :) Wish I'd looked at your site earlier and could have done this deal more! :) I also had coupons and the doublers so I paid $9 for 3 pks of Jumbos! I'm a fellow WA mom (just started up my own NW bargain blog), so I really appreciate your site and deals (esp the Albertson's and Safeway deals!