Friday, January 30, 2009

My girl is getting so big!

People always tell me that kids grow up too fast. In the midst of diaper changing, sleepless nights and keeping babies safe, it can seem like they don't grow up fast enough!

Weeks like this one make me realize the truth to what people say. My girlie learned to climb on furniture with no help, learned a new sign, learned the word "up" and can eat with a spoon all since this week! Unfortunately she has also taken to saying her new favorite word "no!" all the time. She also says "hot" "kitty" "mama" "dada". She also gives "raspberry kisses" and finds mommy and daddy and her own belly button. She seems so grown up!

M also helps to clean up now(like the picture above), but doesn't do a great job quite yet:) She has been completely weaned now and doesn't seem to miss it a bit. She loves to read books and play with dolls and stuffed animals. Her newest thing is to undress her baby doll with help. I can't wait for her little sister to arrive to see how she interacts with her!

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Erin said...

They do grow up fast! Our little one (I think 1 month younger than yours) is saying mama and dada as well. She is also showing us her belly, then trying to show off mine! Maybe belly buttons are next! She babbles all day long, we cannot wait till she can really talk, that will be so fun! Its just around the corner you know!