Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tired tired...

I have a loooong to do list and feel like this:

But I think if I start writing down what I need to do, it will help. My girl is sick again (why oh why did she get my lame immune system?) and we didn't sleep much last night. But we've had a pretty productive morning so far, at least I got our enchiladas made for dinner and a blog post done! Ooo and I am showered and dressed...that counts for something right? I will post the enchilada pic later when the camera batteries are recharged! Here's my to-do list for today to motivate me to get it done!

1. clean up kitchen. (I really should post a picture of that...it is so embarassing! and it was clean just last night!) (done)

2. run er...walk errands (library and one other secret stop;) (done)

3. laundry..one load plus put away clean laundry mountain. (mostly done, but more to do today!)

4. sweep downtstairs (done)

5. reply to craigslist emails and post at least 2 more items (1st half done)

6. work on newsletter! (oops...back on today's list:)

That should keep me busy for awhile:)

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