Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Bella Band is on the way!

Ever since I was expecting M I've wanted a Bella Band. I am always struggling to keep my pants in the right ~ahem~ position with my ever-increasing belly! I've heard for most people, these are a lifesaver!

Today I was thinking how much I still wanted one, but just didn't want to pull any money from other budget items or savings for one. I checked the mail and guess what...a birthday check from my grandma was there! It covered all but $1 of the cost of one in the perfect color and size from! What a blessing:)

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D said...

Cool! I saw them at one of the stores in town, but I like the big panel pants so I wouldn't need one. The low pants seem to push on my bladder uncomfortably- so I take the higher tight band than the lower one. However, these pants are harder to find now! I need some new ones!
:-) denaye