Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eating from the pantry update #1

We are eating away at our pantry stockpile, and saving money while doing it! Its been a test ALREADY to stay out of the stores when the deals are good. I very much want to go to alberston's today, but won't since there isn't anything cheap/free that I need and doesn't fall into the category of snacks/cereals:)

Our menu plan hasn't been followed as much as usual due to a dinner date with friends, a messed up zucchini dish (still getting used to using a stove again!), less time to make dinner while helping with childcare @ church, and some improvisation tonight. I am making zucchini cheese frittata instead of our scheduled meal to repurposed the zucchini dish that didn't work out (and to use up some eggs that were heading towards stale:).

Other than that I plan to stick with the menu for the rest of the week and keep my eyes out for steals on things I actually might come to need soon. Oh and eat lots of chocolate and coffee;)

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maygan said...

Good for you for sticking with your challange! I'm glad to hear you have a working stove again, must be a welcome change!

The $0.99 kleenex is there (rectangle boxes, 100ct single ply) but can be hard to find. If you're still local, east brem has it on the very bottom shelf, west brem has a small spot for it on a lower shelf (all the way to the left) and I haven't checked the others.