Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday M girl!!

M brings laughs, smiles, and joy to us everyday! Although her entry into the world was not how we expected, we were overjoyed when she arrived. She is a wonderful big sister and a sweet helper to mommy and daddy. She is a dare-devil (takes after gramie Karen!) and will do anything daddy does.

These are the faces I got when I said "smile pretty"! I think she honestly thought she was "smiling pretty":)

For her birthday we are going shopping for a big girl potty and underpants. She is VERY excited about this:)


Fernando said...

you will have fun w/ potty training! I was a little worried but Adrian got it down fast-a little after he turned 2 he was potty trained even at night! What a money saver w/ no more diapers for him! I heard girls are easier-good luck!! Chelsea

Mariah said...

Just wait! Pretty soon she will be potty trained and speaking in full sentences. These two highly praised achievements will unite and give M all the power she needs to recognize what the sounds (however discrete) coming from the stall next to hers are, and she will then be able to say with great pride and triumph in her knowledge, "Oh Mama! She's going Poo, poo!"
At least that was Eily at Olive Garden a couple of weeks ago.

Mariah said...

I love the pretty smile!