Monday, October 5, 2009

Scenes from Equip # 3

Yes..there are still more:)

O with her bestie, Miss Leah. They fell asleep together quite often in childcare.

O, being cute in the swing.

M, and her favorite time of the day: snacktime. A girl after her mama's heart;)

O and "grandpa Dick" (a surrogate grampa for the week:)

Having a very intense conversation on my banana phone. We practiced keeping up our relationships while raising support on our high techy fruity phones:)
If you're still reading...a couple of praises from this first week back. First, we have a full calendar of partnership development opportunities without really trying! Daniel is sharing our ministry at a booth at the IFCA regional this week (our church is hosting this year), we might get to speak in front of our church next month, we were able to share with my parents' sunday school class yesterday, and our newsletters go out soon (as soon as we finish updating it). Its been very encouraging. Our other biggest prayer request has been the house. Its been discouraging to have no time to finish the kitchen-and makes certain tasks eat up more time than they should. But our friends who are moving :( offered to let us stay there until their house sells-which will allow Daniel some extra time and space to make a mess and get the cabinets modified for the kitchen etc. So that is a really good thing.

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