Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eating from the Pantry New Year's Challenge!

We are hoping, praying, planning to leave to do Wycliffe's aviation training in NC (at JAARS) which starts Feb. 23rd. There are a number of factors we have to consider, but with all hopeful likelihood we will be heading out then (until June, when it ends). So...we need to get a whole mess of stuff done before then, including getting rid of/storing/selling/packing ALL of our stuff. That includes food.

So we have been doing something of a eating from the pantry lifestyle for a few weeks but we'll be hitting it hard this next month and a half. It doesn't hurt that all the cool kids are doing it too:)

For us, it will be an eating from the pantry 6 week challenge, unless we run out of food totally before then:)

Here are the meals I've come up with that I can make totally from what is on hand minus another sack of potatoes, some fresh produce, dairy/eggs and maybe some meat at the end of the month.

I'll mention the side veggie if there will be one in most cases:)

1) Pasta w Alfredo X 2 (tonight's meal-with canned chicken and fresh spinach to make it more substantial)
2)Spinach Rice Casserole
3)Baked Spagetti X 2 (one is already make in the freezer
4)Lentil Rice Bake
5)Beans N Rice X2
7)Chicken/Turkey Tetrazinni and peas
8)Pasta w/Vodka sauce (jarred) and green beans
9)Bacon, Eggs, Cornbread or muffins w/fruit
10)Homemade pizza X2
11) VEggie burgers, homefries, carrots/dip
12) Bean veggie soup w/biscuits
13) Roast Chicken, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes
14)Tomato bacon pasta bake
15)Baked Potato Bar (using leftover chili and cheesy broc. from freezer as toppers)
16)Chicken Rice Casserole
17)Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes, cooked carrots or green beans
18)Homemade Mac N Cheese, peas
19)Boxed Mac N Cheese with tuna or canned salmon, peas, carrots on side X2
20)Shepherd's Pie (done-yesterday)

I think that'll about cover it (and use up most of our pantry!)

We'll have cereal, eggs, and the occasional muffin for breakfast.

Lunches are leftovers, soup for me (still trying to get that baby weight off!) and we'll have various pantry snacks and fruit during other parts of the day.

I love a good challenge!

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