Friday, December 18, 2009

Safeway Cereal Galore!

Although we personally have plenty o' cereal, I got a whole bunch of it today at Safeway. Its great to donate (there are even barrels to donate right at the stores now!) and if you have enough of these coupons, or these or recent insert Q's you can end up with free cereal plus the free item of the day at Safeway!

And since Maygan pointed out that the $20 minimum is talkinig about regular prices, you actually only have to buy around 8 (to keep in groups of 4) boxes (of cornflakes)to get up to $20! That's a deal:)

And keep your eyes peeled for Post cereal $1.50/1 coupons on boxes-I saw them at the store today! Unfortunately there aren't any hot deals on Post cereals to use them with now, but hopefully soon! (*and I didn't peel any off since I wasn't buying any today so I hope we can all leave them there until the sale comes and help eachother out;)!

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maygan said...

If we're shopping the same safeway, someone is probably going to come take those post peelies. I was there the other night and saw tons and then nothing the next day. They would've been awesome last week with so many post cereals at $1.99 and the $1 cat wyb 2. Maybe we'll get the same sale again?