Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Do and then some more to do

Busy day. Daniel is actually going to work today! Never mind he's cleaning the hangar rather than repairing aircraft. And we will probably have company tonight. Company! Our house is to a place where I can actually think of having company over again!! Its one of our favorite things to do- and the one way I can still have some sort of a "ministry". So..here's the to-do list for today (oh and did I mention its cooking/baking day?!?!

Put away laundry
Take out garbage (usually hubby does it but ran out of time)
Bring in pumpkins and get ready for crockpot
Sort gifts tub
thank you notes
clear off and organize paper piles on kitchen table

~pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
~pumpkin puree for soup/muffins for freezer
~knox blox (fruit juice jigglers)
~oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (if time)
~french bread in bread machine (for dinner)
~Paste Fagioli (for dinner plus leftovers for lunches)
~meat mixture-
#Taco/Bean mixture for tacos, taco salad, beans & rice, etc.
#Turkey tetrazinni (if time)

We'll see how it goes!

My helper:)


D said...

It's so nice to read that I'm not the only one with piles of paper that grow out of nowhere... :-) I love having visitors too. Have fun!

maygan said...

yay! Freezer cooking day is fun. What is tetrizenni by the way? everyone seems to be making it today (My mom is mexican and I leanred a good chunck of my cooking from her- she still has no idea how to make a casserole!).

Sheila said...

Oh, I love that picture!

Rachael said...

My piles of paper even reproduce and make baby piles during the night D! Its so frustrating-wish I could get the organization thing down:) Maygan, the tetrizinni is usually spagetti, with a creamy base, cheese, chicken or turkey, veggies (onions and peppers but mine was onions and celery) and broth and then baked. Its a really good freezer meal. I was wondering if that was why you had so many yummy mexican recipes on your menu plans! I'll have to try the Albondigas sometime.

Rachael said...

Thanks Sheila-I like that one too:)