Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mini Meal plan and pictures

Holding "sissy-a" as M says. With mom and dad close by of course.

Daddy and his girls. He's a softy at heart.

The girls and I will be at my parents for a few days before Daniel (who will be painting our trim and hopefully not dying of fume inhalation!). Thus we don't need much of a meal plan this week.

But here's what I will be fixing for Daniel ahead of time to hold him over for the 3 days we'll be apart:):

~Hamburger stroganoff
~Easy Pizza

I also made a loaf of bread so he can fix tuna, pb&j or chicken salad sammies for himself for lunches (easy reheat doesn't happen for us yet-the microwave still needs to be wired in:). Cold cereal, toast or bean bread will take care of breakfast.

We'll be eating well at my parents-I get to do the "fun" grocery shopping for Christmas meals, so I am looking forward to that.

I scored some sweet grocery deals this weekend-look for a post tomorrow because there is still time for you to get some too!

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