Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lettuce Make Soup!

I can get by cooking. Not great at it, not terrible. One of my favorite things to do though is to get creative with what I have in the kitchen. Along with that is hating to see things go to waste that could be good food for our family! That's where Lettuce soup comes in.

Our fridge was set too cold the other day and we ended up with lovely, but frozen lettuce. What to do but make it into soup! I know it sounds gross, but this is the second time we've made it and it has a mild yet good flavor. I've made both a brothy and a creamy version. What did people do without google to tell them that you could do such a thing?!

The basic idea is that you gently cook/sautee all the same type of things that go into a salad! You will also need to add either broth, water or a creamy base, spices and then puree everything. Tasty and no waste!

Here is the general recipe I followed when we made this last week.

Have you been making any unique dishes in your kitchen lately?

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Rachel said...

I am making chocolate chipotle chili this week. It is a new recipe for me that sounds really good!