Saturday, December 5, 2009

Loves me some grocery bargains (Dec. 5th, 2009)

I didn't do a lot of shopping this week! Its nice to be able to take stock of what we have (and not spend much money:).

I bought some ground beef for $1.59/lb at the beginning of the week (thinking the price was too good to pass up!) and the new ad still has it this price (at Safeway). But still a really good price. $5.32 for the ground beef (not pictured). But I used it it lots of meals for the cooking/baking day.

Next up, Safeway again for fresh produce (it was within walking distance- some of those prices are lower elsewhere). $8.02 for all the bananas, oranges and 5lbs carrots.

QFC is next up, with markdowns on dairy and baking supplies: $5.18 total for the cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, coconut and brown sugar. Plus I got a raincheck for 10 Kroger chocolate chips bags for $1 a piece (great price!)

And finally, my trip to Walgreens. $1.90 oop (used $10 in RR's, got $10 back). Oatmeal pancake mix, dark chocolate M & M's (necessity, right?!), acai supplements, headband, sucker (for potty training), floss, cinnamon sugar and onion powder.

$20.42 total

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maygan said...

I love QFC markdowns! You did great shopping this week. How'd your freezer cooking day go?