Monday, December 7, 2009

Menu Plan for week of Dec. 7th, 2009

We had company last night and have lots of leftover baked spagetti (even though it turned out really yummy!) so that will go on the menu along with Beans and Rice that we didn't get to.

cold cereal, pancakes and eggs, fruit, homemade donuts



Monday: Breakfast sausage casserole (need to use up a loaf of bread that didn't rise right:)

Tuesday: Garden Burgers, Green Beans, Peanut Butter noodles

Wednesday: Sausage Barley Soup and biscuits

Thursday: Realy Good Beans & Rice

Friday: Homemade Pepperoni Pizza and veggie sticks, popcorn (we've started having a "date night" after the girls go to bed to watch a movie or "the Office" together on fridays:)

Saturday: Seafood Alfredo Pasta, peas

Sunday: Turkey Curry over brown rice

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Rochelle said...

Thanks for sharing your plan here is mine, I do all my weeks cooking Saturday evening.
Found cheep roast cut and roasted for 3 hours
Pulled it apart and made
>shepherds pie with left over mashed potatoes from Friday
>Roast with salsa and corn over Cuban black beans and rice
> Potato pie with mash as the crust and roast and veg and milk combined with egg for filling
> bean, rice barley and split pea soup, big pot for lunches to take to work and school all week long
> Big batch of biscuits (didn't get to the bread this week)
And the weekend we will figure out when it comes.
I have a potluck this week, do you have any cheep good casserole favorites?

Rachael said...

Hi Rochelle! Two that come right to mind are chicken or turkey tetrazinni (using homemade cream base makes it really cheap!) and lentil/rice casserole (from more with less cookbook but can find it lots of places online). Super cheap and tasty! I also make (not a casserole) crustless quiche all the time using bits of leftovers up and it always turns out really well (and is dirt cheap:)-might work for a potluck! :)

By the way-I love the Seattle pics on your blog-such a beautiful area we live in!