Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eat those greens!

Earlier this week we picked up a huge free bag of greens (not sure what kind...anyone recognize them?). I figured I could do something with them and it would be sad to let something so nutrituous go to waste! After staring at them in our fridge for a day or so I came up with: green smoothies and baby food!

We put a huge handful of these in a blender with a couple frozen bananas, some pineapple chunks and water and voila! A green smoothie that I can drink along with the girls (who LOVE it). A nice way to get some fruit and veggie servings in.

And baby food-I cooked up several cups of greens, a potato and some carrots in the crockpot. I pureed and froze it in ice cube size portions. Liv actually doesn't eat "baby food" per se anymore, (she nurses and eats table food in tiny chunks), but for meals that we are having raw veggies like salad or carrot sticks she needs a non-choking alternative.

We also had some chopped finely on our tacos in place of lettuce!


Leah S. said...

mustard or turnip greens maybe?

Rachael said...

I could believe that--thanks Leah!

Lorna said...

Way to go! I've not had the courage yet to try a green smoothie.

Rachael said...

Do it, do it Lorna! Its really more like a banana smoothie if you close your eyes:) Through in some strawberries or blueberries and you won't even know the difference by looking!