Monday, March 22, 2010

Loves me some NC grocery bargains 3/22/10

You can see what we'll be eating this week (with flexibility built in for changes!) here.

Usually if I go over my grocery budget I feel somewhat guilty and frustrated. Not this week! It was one of those weeks that will pay off in the future with reduced grocery bills. The lion's share of some weeks' grocery money goes toward meat/cheese and this week I was able to get both those things for very very good prices.

Food Lion had amazing deals on meat, cheese and some produce this week. My freezer is packed.

We got:
4 whole chickens $0.47/lb
5 lbs top sirloin-some ground, some in steaks $1.87/lb
6 packages of shredded Kraft Cheese $2.50 total
8lbs oranges $3.99
celery hearts $0.99
5 lbs bananas $0.50/lb
canteloupe $1.79 (must not be in season this was yucky!)
FL Catsup
Sure deoderant $0.49 after clearance and coupon
Hamburger helper x3 (about $0.20 total after catalinas!)
FL peanut butter (we go through at least a jar a week!) $1.67
dressing and Kotex, $1.33
Bi-lo (was in a town w/ this store but don't normally shop there)
Birdseye steamfresh $0.35 (x2)
Tombstone pizzas x2 $1.88 each aftercoupon
Nescafe instant singles $0.14 after coupon X2
Kens Marinades on clearance $0.83 each after coupon
CVS: Herbal Essence $0.99 after coupon/ECB and Kashi Crackers $1.50 after coupon
(can't believe I am paying for shampoo again-so sad:(

CVS and Harris Teeter:

CVS: 2 packs pampers (for nighttime and church) $3.97 each after coupon/ECB!
Harris Teeter:
Whole Milk $2.27
18 eggs $1.27? can't remember exact price
Ground beef $1.47/lb (see we are stocked for awhile now!)
dannon yogurt X10 $2 for all
40 mission tortillas free after coupon/sale
Cheer detergent $2.99
Classico Pasta Sauce $1.50 for two after beef coupon factored in
Millstone Kona Cofffee $3.99 after coupon
Trop 50 oj $0.99 after coupon
5 cans allen vegggies $2
2 more bags Kraft cheese (free after BOGO sale and BOGO coupon--sweet!)
Charolotte Observer newspaper (for coupons:) $2

Total for all (including diapers/toiletries) about $70! I did get a $12 refund for meat from last week that was a mistake, so that helped. Next week is Harris Teeter triple coupons so I will am getting ready for some cheap groceries then!

What did you buy this week?

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