Thursday, March 18, 2010

Makes me nervous...

Dinner is in progress (homemade refried beans in the crockpot, homemade tortillas that are halfway done), the house is reasonably clean, the girls are napping and I've been able to do some READING!

This situation almost always makes me nervous! It usually means somebody is going to get sick or something is going to break OR?!? But anyway, here is what I've been reading lately and what came in the mail last week!!

We got the above in the Sovereign Grace February sale. All for like $30 (some of my birthday monies...well spent!).

Also reading:
Toilet Training in Less than a day (Azrin & Foxx)and How to become naturally thin by eating more (Anthonello) which is a good reminder as to why dieting is a bad idea generally, but eating real, good food in moderation is a good idea (duh?). The library here at JAARS is tiny but really fun because its full of really practical books and mostly ones on Christian topics. All the stuff I had to search out at the public library back home is readily available here. So I am trying to make time for more reading here:)

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D said...

Sooo jealous :-) I've had some serious reading time cravings lately, but no time to read! Now that we're done w/ our Rev. class, maybe I'll be able to fit in something!!