Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Shopping Day!

Some of my favorite frugal blogs such as MoneySavingMom and imommies, along with hotcouponworld have given me much reason to save my shopping for today! Today Walgreens is having a one day only coupon for $5/20 purchase...and since my Walgreens rebate arrived this week, today is the perfect day to get this month's FAR (free after rebate) items! Another great blog, Centsible Shopper, gave me ideas for some other things to buy that we need, or are almost free...yeah!

Other great deals in my area are to be found at Safeway, including free coca cola products (Buy2Get3free) when you buy Hallmark cards (I did this deal in December and it worked great!), and free or almost free Sara Lee products after a catalina for $10 back prints out for every 5 items purchased.

Also, Fred Meyer has very cheap cream cheese ($3/10) when you buy 10 Kraft brand. They also have some great deals on near expiration dairy products sometimes.

Since today is the last day of the month, starting tomorrow is eat from the pantry/freezer what a great day to end my shopping for a the month!!

PS, if anyone can help me be super cool and link to other blogs and such in the text of my post (eg: to Money Saving Mom) you will be my favorite for the day...even week:)


Sarah said...


Okay - here's how to link (and you're on blogger so I know it will be the same way that I do it) . . .

When creating a post open up a second internet window or tab (depending on what software you are using) to the site that you want to link to. Copy the url to that site. Then, in your blog post, highlight the words that you want to link to the aforementioned site (such as "Money Saving Mom") and then click on the image of the earth with a little chain link on top of it in your blogger menu (mine is between the "change the color of the text" image and the "right-justified" image (sixth from the left). This will open up another window for you to paste the url into (Control V is the shortcut to paste). Press okay and you will have made yourself a link. Continue writing your blog, linking other pages if you want, and then publish.

The only thing that I can't figure out is how to have the link open in ANOTHER window or tab rather than the one in which you are writing. I think you can physically change the html code to do this, but not via the simple way I illustrated above. Anyone?

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope this helps!


Rachael said...

Sarah you are my hero! My blog will never be the same--thanks again:)