Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Delicioso Chili

Here is my recipe for chili. I am sure there are others similar to it, so I can't take 100% credit. But I did make it up at the time, all by my little self.

Delicioso Chili

a couple cans of kidney beans, undrained
a couple cans of other kinds of beans, drained
can of corn
one largish onion, chopped, tiny
one large can of chopped tomatoes
one small can of tomato sauce or paste, whatever you got
1 lb of ground beef
chili powder and garlic powder, to taste
one small can of mushrooms (optional)

Fry the beef with the onions, when cooked, add everything else. Cook until hot in a big pot on medium heat. Eat with cornbread. Delicioso!

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