Thursday, January 24, 2008

Those shoes were made for walkin'

My frugal friday post this week is something I thought about while walking little munchkin in her stroller today. I am working on my last 15ish lbs of post-preggo weight and have started logging quite a few miles on my shoes. I hope to start running again soon...but anywhoooooo....

My tip is to invest in good quality comfortable walking/exercise tennies and to USE them!! Not only can it be a cheap form of exercise (no fancy gym membership required) but those of us who live within a mile or two of local grocery stores, post offices and libraries can save money on gas at the same time. This is a bit of a "given" for a tip, but I know sometimes I can use the reminder to get out there and walk!

We live in the downtown area of our town, and I love to get fresh air and sunshine (when there is any...where we live is notoriously cloudy and grey) and actually have a place to go when I am walking. This gives me a feeling of acomplishment when walking too.

Here's a pic of our cutie ready to go to the store last month!

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Kim said...

Thanks for the reminder - however, I live in lovely and currently cold Canada - I do however, own a treadmill that I should go jump on - off to look for my shoes!