Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Great Deals at Safeway!

If you have a Safeway or affiliate near you, take advantage of their Sara Lee (and related products) deal going on right now. I read about it on imommies first when hot dogs/kielbasa/buns were on sale and bought a few last week.

Tonight, hubby was wanting to buy me some flowers for my birthday (it was yesterday, but we celebrated today since he took the day off for a dr's apt.) and I saw tulips in the Safeway ad that I liked, so since the frugal in me cannot separate itself and purely be romantic, I told him about the Sara Lee deal. So the first transaction was 5 Hilshire Farm lunchmeats, which were on sale for $2 this week. We paid $10 and it produced a $10 catalina for our next transaction. The second transaction we paid a dollar and change for my beautiful tulips and a bottle of our fav dressing, Newman's Own Lite Caesar. So we basically got 5 packs of lunchmeat for free, since we were buying the tulips and dressing anyway.

For the record, hubby brought me cut flowers for a long time when we were first married, but I like the potted variety better because I can enjoy them longer even though they aren't as "romantic":)

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