Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho, its off to work I go...

...tomorrow. My maternity leave/FMLA is officially over, apparently, and I am back to work as a School Psychologist tomorrow. For those of you wondering what a School Psychologist does exactly, its not counseling, we have school counselors for that. I actually work with Special Education eligibility, doing some testing, some educational planning, lots of paperwork, keeping up with the laws (IDEA fun stuff) relating to disability rights, meetings, and problem solving. That's what I do in a nutshell, at least in my district.

My job is not that bad at all, although its not what I thought it would be when I began grad school. My boss is great and very supportive (and flexible...which is why I will get to do some paperwork at home!). I enjoy my co-workers (99 % of them!!) And its only a temporary situation, my working, until the end of the school year so we can keep our health insurance (hubby's work doesn't cover me and the munchkin). Even so, I am sad to leave my baby girl with someone else for so many hours. I want to tell myself that it will just get easier, but I somehow don't think it will (and maybe shouldn't?)


Christine said...

It's a long road. I wish I had fought harder to try to be a stay at home mom. I regret the fact that I worked more than not. I am sorry that someone else got to follow his milestones. I now homeschool and enjoy spending more time with him.


brooke said...

Rachael, Have a wonderful day at work tomorrow and know that your little one will be excited to see you when you pick her up. I worked part time for a year after Lauryn was born and it was hard, but she loved her daycare provider.


Rachael said...

Thankyou Christine and Brooke for your comments! I can't wait to be with her again full-time, and her daddy may even get to be the one staying home with her soon (his company is closing, but we don't know when exactly), but even so I don't want to miss those "milestones". I know God will give the grace in the meantime;)

FamilyQuilter said...

Rachael, I am a public school teacher and I have decided to come home after our contracts are over for this year. I homeschool our older children (14, & 12) during the evenings and weekends, but we also have a 4 year old. I was able to stay home with her until she was two and these have been the hardest two years of my life! Hold on Rachael! Just know you're not alone and we only have a few months left! I seriously have a count down at the bottom of my blog for the days until I get to come home! I will be adding you to my prayers on my drive to school every morning! We can do this!