Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pantry/Freezer month update

Pantry/freezer month is now half over, and the outcomes so far have been positive...the only drawbacks involve my lack of self-control! One of the great things has been that we've been able to save a bunch of money, and I have been able to think more creatively about meals. And I am finally using that massive turkey that's been hulking in our tiny freezer for severa months! Smells good...

...okay I'm back from my tryptophan induced haze.... and as I was saying, there have been good and bad aspects. The negative has been my lack of discipline in staying away from the bargains! Today I couldn't help myself and went to Safeway for their Saving's Ralley. Buy 25 participating products, get 20 bucks oyno(on your next order). Well, the 25 products in the promo are tricky, because they don't mark all of them correctly in the store, and some are marked that don't trigger the catalina coupon. So, you can guess what happened--I bought my stuff buy the cat didn't come out. Actually a $10 cat. did, but I should've gotten a $20 one. So after a trip back to Safeway and a manager that assured me that I must've made a mistake,(but couldn't get it to work either!) I got a "rain check" for $20 off my next purchase. I guess that is my punishment for falling off the pantry/freezer month for a trip to Safeway! But, never fear, I am back on the wagon...I learned my lesson;)

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Mom2fur said...

You can do pretty well on some of those Catalina deals. But one thing that drives me nuts is when it says 'Buy $20 worth of such and such,' but since such and such costs 5.99 each, you have to buy four of them to get you over the 20mark.
I never tried to live out of my pantry or freezer, but I should some time. I have a pretty good stockpile. I would just need to get fresh things like vegetables or milk. But one of these days, I'm going to take that plunge!