Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saving on Organic and Soy Milk

Our family doesn't mind drinking plain old milk, but if something that's a little better for us is available (and affordable!) we'll take it! What I've been doing recently is looking at the organic/soy section of the dairy case to check for markdowns, just in case they have recently marked down one of those products. Last week while shopping the Savings Rally at Safeway, I happened upon a gallon of organic milk that was marked down to $2.00 (from $4.50, I believe) that had an expiration 5 days away! We drink a lot of milk, so we'd have it finished by then anyway! We also try to save on regular milk by using powdered in cooking/baking, and buying high-fat content milks and adding a bit of water.

What do you do to save on milk?

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About Us... said...

I've just started checking my Kroger organic section, and I've gotten organic milk for less than regular twice! Great idea!

Mrs. Taft said...

That's a great tip :D