Monday, February 11, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday...

Saving H2O while doing dishes
We have had the rare priviledge of handwashing our dishes at the last two places we've lived. Actually, truth be told I am starting to like doing dishes by hand...a little;)

To save water when handwashing, don't just let the rinse water go down the drain, fill up the sink (1/2 way may be all you need) with hot water and dip the dishes into the water to rinse.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, I don't do a lot of hand washing dishes, but I am sure I waste water when I do. Thanks for the tip.

Jamie said...

That is always how my Grandma washed dishes and I'm sure she knew what she was doing! :-)

Laura said...

Good idea...we're big into NOT wasting water or anything else around here! Funny that we both wrote about dishwashing today! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I LOVE the picture of your baby, by the way! What a great face!