Wednesday, March 11, 2009

30 week pregnancy update

I look at this and think...if I saw myself on the street I would think "she's about to have that baby!" Well, a few (10 give or take a couple) weeks remain! 30 weeks does feel like its getting close to time though. We will be touring the hospital (we're going to Seattle's Group Health Hospital this time) in 3-4 weeks and taking a refresher birth course. Since I did the labor but not the delivery (at least I didn't get to the pushing part) I am anxious to get "refreshed".

Baby O is super active-her kicks and punches are more than just a little noticeable these days. She should be almost 3 lbs by now! Heartburn is my almost-constant companion (starts early afternoon and ends at 3am or so every.single.night.

Besides packing our hospital bag and getting our carseat back from my parents (they kindly do "storage" for us:) we are pretty much ready for O to come. There is a slight possiblity that we could be moving to a nearby house before the baby comes, so life could get exciting quickly! I am so thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far!


D said...

You've probably heard them all, but milk seems to help my heartburn, and constant eating little snacks to keep the acid down...
I can't wait to see which of us goes first! It's really fun being due at the same time ;-)

Glory said...

You look fabulous, girl!!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the tip Denaye! I try to do the mini-meal/snack thing too, but I end up not eating often enough and then eating too much at meals! I always feel good right after eating, but then pay for it later:)

Thanks sweet.

Sarah said...

You look gorgeous!!!

And I can so understand the heartburn thing . . . it's been terrible this time around! No matter what I do or eat or drink or how long I wait to go to bed . . . uggh.


Rachel said...

Have you tried taking an acidopholus capsule before a meal? It really did help me with my first pregnancy (nothing helped the extreme heartburn I had with my second pregnancy--twins, except for not eating too much at a time and Tums). :-) Blessings! I enjoy your blog.
Rachel <><

The Keevy Family said...

What a fun picture! You look great!