Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roadie to Spokane part 1

The serious driver dude (aka my husband Daniel)

The not so serious picture taker/passenger/sometimes backseat driver (aka me..Rachael)

The cool kid in the backseat (aka Punker or M)

Our super-awesome snack bag, filled with tasty snacks for the road. This bag, along with several meals from our friends Sharon and Jason, allowed us to spend less than $20 on food/snacks on the road

Our new go-to food for road trips...calzones or "pockets". This one had cheese, marinara sauce and cut up lunchmeat in it and it lasted for two meals!

Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of pictures of our friends, but we got a few. I'll post those next along with more details of our fun road trip to Eastern Washington (in which we got to stay overnight with my parents not once but twice!):)


Jennifer (Niffer) said...

okay so you just came to my hometown! How crazy! still love your blog!

The Keevy Family said...

Racheal, I am glad your trip went well. You are so good at planning out things, even down to packing food for your travel. I do this as well when we make that trip, but usually I just pack dry snacks like pretzels and crackers and then fresh fruit and drinks. We often make sandwiches for the way there and then stop for lunch on the way home. The calzones were a great idea!
There are lots of ideas for traveling with little ones this week on
Beautifulwork is hosted by 5 ladies, all of whom have lived in Spokane at some point in their lives. :)