Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy Week at the Dr.

The past four days I've needed our car I hate that. Some like the freedom wheels bring (and I agree that they are sometimes a necessity in certain places/circumstances). Days that I have to run errands, or as it was this week-go to the dr/midwife/hospital 3 days in a row make me a little crazy. Monday we spent the evening at urgent care/the L&D ward of our local hospital, Tuesday I had my regularly scheduled midwife apt (which went well... my BP is still good!) and Wednesday we finally made progress towards finding solutions regarding M's 4 + month red rash.

It was a rough day for the kiddo. She was overdue on her immunizations, so we started with those, then she was terrified when the dr. tried to look her over/listen to her heartbeat etc. I guess she was fairly traumatized by it all because she passed out on my shoulder (asleep) during the dr. visit. It was no where near naptime and I can't remember the last time she fell asleep on anyone. She woke up just in time to get her blood drawn! Poor thing. She did get 3 stickers by the end of our time there though:)

As to be expected the blood draw pretty much sent her over the edge. I had to lie next to her and "restrain" her with my legs while two nurses held her down. Not a happy moment for her or 4+ months of increasing rash (now spread to her face, arms and legs) plus almost constant cold symptoms and bowel issues-I would never have consented to do the draw.

We are now trying Zyrtec with her until we take her to the dermatologist in a few weeks, who thinks she may be reacting to some sort of allergy. He wasn't convinced though--I guess her rash hasn't followed what a normal allergic rash pattern typically does. Hopefully we'll get answers soon, but for now it's in God's hands.

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