Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trips for week of 2/28/09

My shopping was mainly done at Safeway, with a trip to Save-A-Lot for a free Spaghetti dinner thrown in plus a great trip to Walgreen's. For groceries, my weekly total was right under $39, with a $20 trip to Walgreen's for toiletries etc.

I had a fun trip to Walgreen's this week. Two of my coupons didn't work, but the rest did and I got several free items!

Mylanta -on clearance for $1.89, used coupon from EasySaver book for $2 off, adjusted down to make it free!
Extra Gum (from RR coupon)
Blink Tears (after RR is factored in)
Colgate (after RR, plus overage!)
Sambucol (got overage)
Dawn Dish Soap (after coupons and Sambucol overage)
Glucerna Cereal
Dove soap (free after RR!)

The diapers weren't free, but cheap! $4.50 per pack, so a good stock up price:)

Safeway finally had some great deals, including a $10 off any $50 purchase, $10 off your next order of frozen food when you buy $25 worth of frozen food AND $5 off instantly when you buy 2 bags of frozen fries and 2 bags of frozen fish. With the help of lots of other money saving sites, I combined the three deals, plus used a few super coupons and manufacture coupons for a total of $36.xx. Plus I have $10 to spend this coming week on frozen food!
I was able to get lots of fresh food in the this trip for good prices as well: asparagus, eggplant, mandarin oranges, cabbage, organic mini carrots etc. The pepsi was free, the butter was $.99 and the soup was a little over $.50/can, mini wheats were $0.29 after coupons! The Activa yogurt was $1.00 after markdown.

Finally, Save-A-Lot! I've never been here before, but the free spaghetti dinner fixin's drew my friend Marie and I in! It was worth it. I bought a little produce that was super cheap, and the total for all of the below was $2.52!
Speaking of the spaghetti dinner, we added some meatballs I made and froze last week. Here is my daughter enjoying it last night.

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