Friday, May 1, 2009

Mmmm...(cheap) icecream

We've missed out on a lot of freebies lately because of busyness and my lack of energy. But not this one! On Wednesday Baskin & Robbins had $0.31 scoop night! Lo and behold there is one within very close walking distance of our new house! Since Daniel practically lives there after work and on the weekends it gave M and I a nice excuse to visit him and bring him a treat! Oh and to get an extra walk in to hopefully get that baby moving!

I wish I brought my camera, but I let M hold her very own cookies n cream icecream cone and she was blissful the whole time. She even gave a few bites to daddy:)

These were taken back home, where I let M try to get the last few drops from my cup. So tasty and what a deal for the change in the bottom of my purse!

Life as a Mom hosts Frugal Friday now!


Vanessa said...

How fun! I love cheap treats, too.

Buffie said...

I took my daughter with me and got her her won scoop. She finished hers and most of mine and still wanted more. I think she liked it!

Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

Glad you made it to B&R!!!