Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feet up, a clean kitchen...try to relax.

Thought I would try to blog for a minute or two while I catch my breath. Life has been a whirlwind lately and blogging has taken a back burner. I have less and less energy to stay organized, get good deals and be creative in the kitchen so I don't have much to blog about anyway:) Well, except for cute kid pictures-which as long as my daughter continues to be cute (umm..forever of course!) I will have something to blog about!

But first things first, when your "house" is tiny, your parents and other overnight guests end up sleeping in your living room. But that's okay--except for when M feels like waking up at 6 and grandma and grandpa usually wake up more like 9. Guess who wins? But they were good sports and invited her to join them:)

My mom, the newly recruited coupon clippin' granny. She thought she could combine catching a few rays and clipping, but the wind had different ideas a few minutes later;)

In the midst of the craze of packing little by little, preparing for new baby and renovation our new place, I hope that I can remained focused and thankful on what is truly important--my life in Christ and relationships around me. Its been a moment by moment struggle some days, especially as things surrounding our move are baby's arrival are uncertain. I like to plan, like to know what the next step is and when its coming!

But until baby comes, there is plenty to do- and soon I will have two!


The Keevy Family said...

What nice parents you have. :) I think my mom would die if I took a picture of her in bed! Either you are brave or she is just that wonderful!
Can't wait to hear the big news!

Rachael said...

My parents are wonderful AND I am brave! Hee hee...they probably haven't seen it yet...but I thought they both looked good for first thing in the morning and no coffee yet:)